Luxury Penthouse Living at Central Park Tower on 217 West 57th Street

Luxury Penthouse Living at Central Park Tower on 217 West 57th Street

Imagine a residence where the horizon bends to your perspective, where luxury living ascends to new peaks—welcome to the Central Park Tower penthouse. Towering over New York City’s Central Park at a breathtaking 1,416 feet, this architectural wonder at 217 West 57th Street offers an unrivaled living experience in the sky.

Every inch of this residence epitomizes the zenith of opulence, with its vast interior spaces stretching over three floors, bound by the highest terrace in the world. This isn’t just a home; it’s a statement—a testament to the extraordinary capability of modern architecture and the allure of luxury living.

If transcendent heights and elegance appeal to you, explore this pinnacle of Manhattan’s prowess. Should you desire to submerge yourself in the ambiance of this exclusive property, contact at [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967 to book your private tour. Experience a world where the city’s pulse meets serene skies, right at your doorstep.

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Luxury at Extell’s Crown Jewel

With its eye fixed on the ever-ascending standards of sumptuous living, the Extell Development Company has ushered in a new epoch with the unveiling of Central Park Tower. This illustrious addition to the crown jewel of Manhattan infuses the storied skyline with a modern marvel that rises as the pinnacle of luxury living.

Adorning Billionaires’ Row with its staggering height of 1,550 feet, this edifice is not merely a statement of grandeur but the definitively tallest residential wonder gracing the realms of the urban elite. Under the architectural artistry of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, each level is meticulously chiseled to offer panoramic grandiosity, where interior magnificence dovetails seamlessly with the outward sweep of city, water, and sky.

The ambitious touch of Extell Development Company has manifested a residential sanctuary where the vistas encompass the verdant Central Park, glide over the Hudson and East Rivers, and culminate with the majestic wraparound of the New York City skyline. Each view reveals the tapestry of the city, layer by layer, until the horizon itself seems to bow in acknowledgment of this residential zenith.

If the temptation to inhabit such a stratum of affluence intrigues you, a private tour awaits to enrapture your senses. To reserve your glimpse into this realm of unmatched splendor, reach out via email to [email protected], or for immediate gratification, call or text at (917) 963-4967.

Immersive Views: A 360-Degree Panorama from New York City’s Sky

Step into a realm where the majesty of New York City unfurls in a 360-degree panorama around you. At the summit of Central Park Tower, the penthouse presents an immersive scenery, where the urban expanse and natural elegance coalesce into a symphony for the eyes. Every window frames a portion of the panoramic skyline, offering residents a living canvas that includes the vibrant Central Park, the bustling boroughs, and the tranquil rivers caressing the island’s edges.

The panoramic New York City views evoke an unparalleled sense of grandeur, making every sunrise and sunset a personal cinematic experience. Imagine sipping your morning coffee while watching the city awaken or hosting evening gatherings against the backdrop of twinkling city lights. This penthouse isn’t merely a residence; it’s a beacon offering immersive journeys from dawn until dusk.

For a life perched atop the apex of Manhattan, encircled by a breathtaking horizon, reach out to book your private experience. Email [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967 and discover the zealous spirit of luxury living, high above the streets of New York City.

The Grandeur of Design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

At the zenith of New York City’s illustrious skyline stands Central Park Tower, a testament to the grandeur design envisioned by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Within its impressive stature, it not only claims the title of the tallest residential building design but also becomes an embodiment of architectural brilliance. Crafted meticulously from the ground up, each element of its structure resonates with the ethos of elegance and modern luxury.

This towering marvel has been intricately designed to maximize the vast, breathtaking panoramas, stretching across New York City and beyond. Central Park Tower defies the ordinary, reaching for skies uncharted by residential ventures before. Its resplendent interiors, conjured by the deft hands at Rottet Studios, accentuate the fusion of art and architecture, bringing forth an enclave of luxury and grandeur.

From the depth of innovation and design expertise of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the grandiose intricacies of Central Park Tower emerge. The architects have pushed the boundaries of design to curate spaces that present 360-degree views—each a vignette of the city’s splendor framed against the heavens. This is where design doesn’t just create structures but curates experiences meant to last a lifetime.

The ambition of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill manifests in each curve, crevice, and corner of Central Park Tower, offering residents not just an abode but a landmark that echoes the pinnacle of grandeur design. If you are intrigued to witness this spectacle of architectural excellence, reach out to book your private tour via email at [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967, and be prepared to be enamored by a living space without parallel.

Central Park Tower: Defining Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row

A fusion of ambition and elegance, the Central Park Tower by Extell Development redefines the essence of Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row. As a shooting spire of luxury and class, this unprecedented structure has swiftly become a global icon in the New York City skyline, a monument of opulence seen for miles in every direction.

Extell Development’s Masterpiece

No skyscraper better captures the zenith of elite urban living than Central Park Tower. Extell Development’s masterpiece weaves the tapestry of upscale residences with the thread of visionary design, standing as a towering affirmation of architectural genius and the pinnacle of high-net-worth lifestyle.

A New Global Icon Appearing in the New York Skyline

The NYC skyline, a complex silhouette symbolizing the city’s relentless energy, has been crowned by its latest jewel. The Central Park Tower’s resplendent spike on Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row enshrines the combined artistry of form and habitation, presenting a new global icon amidst the stars. Esteemed as the tallest residential building on Earth, it gazes upon Central Park moments away, harmonizing city dynamism with verdant tranquility.

Should you wish to explore this triumphant presence and entertain the possibility of calling it home, consider arranging a private viewing. Aspiring residents may book a tour of this exceptional landmark simply by reaching out to the dedicated consultation team. For inquiries, please send an email to [email protected], or alternatively, for more immediate service, call or text (917) 963-4967.

Discover the Penthouses: Tributes to Luxury and Elegance

Embodying the highest echelon of affluence, the Central Park Tower penthouses stand as architectural marvels, crystallizing the essence of luxury high above the electrifying pulse of New York City. These sky-high sanctuaries, synonymous with exclusivity and comfort, are meticulously fashioned to serve as tributes to luxury, offering spaces that radiate opulence and elevate residential living to unprecedented heights.

Unveiling not just a home, but a vertical mansion within the city’s skyline, the triplex penthouse at Central Park Tower is designed to astound. An enclave of serenity and grandeur, wrapped in a canvas of the city’s panorama; it’s a space crafted for those who seek to both revel in grandiose entertaining and indulge in the tranquil comforts of upscale living.

The Triplex Penthouse: A Vertical Mansion in the Sky

The Triplex Penthouse redefines New York City’s luxury living, asserting itself as the zenith of opulent accommodation—a true vertical mansion soaring into the skyline. Encompassing three exquisite floors, this residence is adorned with seven lavish bedrooms, eleven meticulous bathrooms, dual formidable kitchens, and living areas that blend grandeur with warmth and intimacy.

The Pioneering Heights of the Residential Experience

At Central Park Tower, the pioneering residential experience reaches its pinnacle. Situated over 1,400 feet above the restless avenues, the penthouse provides a sanctuary where every detail, from panoramic glazing to the select materials adorning each surface, converges in a symphony of refined elegance. The Central Park Tower penthouses are not just homes; they are the harbingers of a visionary lifestyle, sculpted for those accustomed to the zenith of luxury.

Should these bastions of sophistication beckon to you, inviting you to partake in a life lived above all else, consider arranging your personal tour. Reach out via email to [email protected] or to speak directly about crafting your exclusive viewing experience, call or text (917) 963-4967.

Refined Interiors and Modern Living at Their Peak

Ascend to a space where the craftsmanship of Rottet Studios converges with the pinnacle of refined interiors and modern living. Central Park Tower’s penthouses echo the magnificence of design and the zenith of luxury, wrapped within a seamless blend of comfort and sophistication.

Rottet Studios’ Signature Interior Design

Rottet Studios has transcended traditional aesthetics to create an environment that exudes exclusivity. The firm’s signature touch is evident in the meticulous attention to detail, with every aspect of the interior resonating with the ethos of elevated comforts and high-class surroundings. As dwellers cross the threshold, they are welcomed by interiors that reflect the ultimate in luxury lifestyle.

Elevated Comforts Amid High-Class Surroundings

Each element, from the upscale furniture imported from Brazil to the harmonious color palettes and textures, punctuates the residences with an elegance that is both palatial and intimate. Gourmet kitchens bewitch with premium materials and state-of-the-art appliances, ensuring a culinary experience that is as sumptuous as it is functional. It’s a domain where elevated comforts meet skyline views, and high-class surroundings become the canvases of daily life.

If the allure of such grandeur calls to you, the opportunity to immerse yourself in this world of unparalleled splendor is but an inquiry away. To schedule your private tour of The Central Park Tower, reach out via email to [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967, and ready yourself to be enveloped in the quintessence of modern living.

Exclusive Amenities at the Central Park Club

At the zenith of New York’s luxurious lifestyle within the illustrious Central Park Tower lies the esteemed Central Park Club, a private haven of exclusive amenities tailored for the discerning resident. Here, unparalleled service and luxury convene to offer a lifestyle of unmatched leisure and indulgence.

Private Dining and Bar Without Leaving Home

A connoisseur’s dream comes true with private dining options that transform every meal into a chef’s masterpiece, exclusively for the tower’s inhabitants. The private bar and restaurant within the Central Park Club cater to every culinary desire, rendering the city’s myriad of dining options merely optional.

Pampering Wellness Facilities with Pools and Spa

The Central Park Club’s wellness facilities offer a sanctuary for renewal and relaxation. The serenity of luxury pools, including an indoor haven for year-round enjoyment and an outdoor oasis high above the city, complements the rejuvenating treatments provided by the onsite spa services. Every visit is a holistic journey to invigorate the senses and revitalizes the soul in an atmosphere of exclusivity.

Should you desire to immerse yourself further in this atmosphere of supreme exclusivity and luxury, secure your private tour of The Central Park Tower by contacting [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967 to experience a lifestyle reserved for the few.

An Ode to the Views of Central Park from Above

Residing in the penthouse at Central Park Tower is to live amidst a canvas of ever-changing hues and life, a painting that breathes and transforms with each passing hour. Here, the expanse of Central Park unfolds beneath you, presenting mesmerizing views of Central Park where the unity of nature and cityscape weave together in a tableau of urban elegance.

From this exceptional vantage point, the tower rises into the sky as a grand statement of luxury living, where every glance out the window captures the enchanting interaction of light, nature, and the urban horizon.

Green Haven Views Melding with Urban Elegance

This unique juxtaposition, where the lush foliage of the park melds harmoniously with the sophisticated contours of Manhattan, creates a living experience like no other. The views of Central Park from this height do not merely offer a scene; they transport residents to a realm where the verdure of nature’s masterpiece is cradled by the opulence of urban architecture.

Experiencing the Seasons From the Highest Terrace

The highest terrace in New York City is more than just an outdoor area; it’s a dynamic stage for the ever-evolving seasonal experiences. As the seasons shift, so too does the panorama, inviting a sense of wonder and renewal throughout the year. To dwell in the Central Park Tower penthouse is to witness the symphony of seasons from an elevated, serene standpoint that few can claim to know.

If the vision of life atop the skyline, amidst tranquil beauty and noble elegance, resonates with you, consider this an invitation to explore further. For those interested in booking a private tour of The Central Park Tower, and to behold firsthand the allure of these extraordinary perspectives, email [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967.

Historic Sales and Record-Setting Asks

The narrative of ultra luxury New York real estate is rich with historic sales and record-setting asks, creating its own storied legacy within the annals of high-value property transactions.

The Journey to a Quarter Billion Dollar Listing

In a league of its own, Central Park Tower has shattered the ceilings of luxury property listings. Its much-vaunted penthouse, an illustrious sanctuary in the sky, has been tagged with a quarter billion dollar listing, marking a significant moment in real estate history. This emblematic listing is a testament to the development’s exclusivity and the breathtaking opulence that it has brought to the market.

Market Dynamics for Ultra Luxury New York Real Estate

Turning heads and setting precedents, the market dynamics for ultra luxury New York real estate have witnessed a seismic shift with Central Park Tower’s offerings. It’s not just about the grandiosity of the penthouse: each sale within this iconic complex pushes the boundaries, signalling a new chapter for future luxury transactions in New York City and beyond.

With an eye on such properties, the world’s most discerning buyers have seen their expectations recalibrated by the unmatched grandeur and state-of-the-art living spaces Central Park Tower provides. The result—a vibrant marketplace where historic sales are not simply made; they are crafted into milestones of architectural and residential triumph.

If the allure of owning a pinnacle of cosmopolitan luxury resonates with you, a private tour of The Central Park Tower awaits. For booking inquiries, contact at [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967.

Architectural Marvel Meets Residential Sanctuary

The embodiment of both aspiration and achievement, Central Park Tower stands as an architectural marvel, its silhouette defining the New York City skyline. This residential sanctuary, particularly its duplex penthouse, is an exceptional convergence of high-end luxury and privacy. Within its remarkable confines, expansive living becomes reality, against the dramatic backdrop of the city below.

The Synergy of Form and Functionality in Sky-High Living

The grand salon, a testament to the synergy of form and functionality, is encased in panes of glass that stretch towards the sky, offering views that capture the essence of sky-high living. Remarkable is the floating spiral staircase, rising as if suspended by light itself—a striking feature that unifies the penthouse’s multiple levels with elegance and fluidity.

A Legacy of the World’s Tallest and Most Extraordinary

Central Park Tower’s status as the world’s tallest residential legacy is not merely about stature; it is a reflection of unparalleled structural and design ambitions realized. Every amenity, from the reflective sheen of the high-gloss kitchen to the breadth of the terrace—the highest residential terrace in existence—contributes to a legacy that is as extraordinary as it is unique.

To discover this pinnacle of refined urban living, book your private tour. Details for arranging this exclusive viewing can be requested by reaching out to [email protected] or connecting via call/text at (917) 963-4967.

Grand Entertainment in the Sky: The Private Ballroom

Embrace a world where opulence touches the clouds at Central Park Tower, home to the highest private ballroom. This architectural splendor provides a stage for grand entertainment, marrying luxury with breathtaking elevations. Majestic events enveloped in the allure of the Manhattan skyline become your reality, transforming every gathering into a momentous celebration.

Central Park Tower’s private ballroom is not just an event space; it’s an exclusive summit for grandiosity, offering an experience akin to entertainment in the sky. From high profile galas to intimate soirées, the versatility of this grand space accommodates your most illustrious fantasies, making it the quintessence of New York decadence and sophistication.

Imagine dancing atop the city, with infinite views that stretch beyond the imagination. As the highest private ballroom in the world, it elevates every occasion to an unmatched pedestal, crafting memories against a panorama of urban enchantment. Here, every event is inscribed into the annals of legendary celebrations.

For those who demand the pinnacle of grand entertainment, there is no parallel. To envisage your future fetes commanding the New York City skyline, a personal exploration of this elevated marvel is in order. To book your private tour of The Central Park Tower and experience the ultimate in luxury, email [email protected] or call/text at (917) 963-4967.

Impeccable Location Moments from Central Park

An impeccable location is not simply an address; it’s the cornerstone of a lifestyle that many aspire to but few attain. Central Park Tower’s prime Manhattan position affords residents the unparalleled privilege of being just moments from Central Park. This proximity not only enriches everyday life with scenic views but also ensures accessibility to one of the world’s most iconic green spaces.

The tower’s inhabitants enjoy the convenience of urban living coupled with the rare luxury of nature’s tranquility at their doorstep. It’s a seamless blend that balances the city’s vibrant rhythm with peaceful retreats amongst sprawling meadows and leafy pathways. For the discerning few, Central Park does not stand as a distant landmark, but rather as an extended, verdant backyard.

  • The vivacious energy of Manhattan’s cultural heartbeat
  • The serene respite found in the lush landscapes of Central Park
  • Quick access to the park’s recreational activities and events
  • Connections to a community that values green space and active living

Living at Central Park Tower means residing in an area that’s the epitome of an impeccable location. Whether it’s a morning jog, an afternoon of exploration, or simply a moment to unwind, residents are privy to an expanse where the confluence of nature and luxury exist in perfect harmony.

If you are captivated by the prospect of having Central Park as a close neighbor and wish to experience a sumptuous lifestyle revered by many, consider booking your private tour

. Should you desire to immerse in the splendors of this unparalleled residential offering, reach out to

[email protected]

or dial

(917) 963-4967

The Exclusive Collection of Extell Development’s Condos

Nestled within the steel curves and towering facades of Manhattan’s skyline, the exclusive collection of residences within Central Park Tower represents a zenith in high-end condos. As the masterminds behind this eminent structure, Extell Development has reimagined the concept of urban opulence, presenting a residential collection that rivals all others in grandeur and exclusivity. Offering world-class amenities, intricately designed interiors, and majestic vistas, these homes are more than addresses—they signify a lifestyle available to only a select few.

Each condo within this acclaimed collection boasts a blend of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is the signature of Extell Development. From the unobstructed views of Central Park, encompassing the energy of Midtown and the serenity of the Hudson, to the refined finishes within, every inch is a testament to luxury.

The allure of these condos extends beyond the physical. It’s the intangible promise of an exceptional life, one where the minutiae of daily living are elevated by the subtle opulence of one’s surroundings. Living here means indulging in a daily panorama of splendor that few can imagine, let alone claim as their own.

  • Rooftop terraces offering breathtaking cityscapes
  • Private wellness centers, defining tranquility
  • Concierge services that anticipate every need
  • Residences that stand as clear reflections of individual sophistication

Embark on a personalized journey through this exclusive collection. If you envision your life amidst the unparalleled elegance that is the hallmark of Extell Development, consider arranging a private tour to experience this pinnacle of luxury real estate firsthand.

For insights into the lifestyle that awaits within this esteemed tower, you are invited to make contact. Discover the essence of high-caliber living by emailing [email protected] or connecting via call/text at (917) 963-4967.

Book Your Private Tour and Witness the Sumptuous Lifestyle

Immerse yourself in the epitome of opulence with an exclusive viewing at Central Park Tower. A beacon of luxury set against the Manhattan skyline, this architectural masterpiece invites you to book a private tour and encounter a world where elegance soars to spectacular heights. For those captivated by the prospect of a sumptuous lifestyle, this invitation extends to you—a chance to discover the pinnacle of lavish living.

Dive into the splendor that defines these magnificent residences with a hands-on experience that surpasses mere images and descriptions. Your luxury real estate tour will guide you through the intricate details and exquisite spaces that make up this coveted address. It’s a personalized journey into the heart of New York City opulence, where every corner offers a new revelation of grandeur. This prestigious property’s private tour will unveil the reality of a life lived at its most abundant.

To manifest your vision of high-end living and secure your passage through these majestic halls, reaching out is your first step towards a transcendental real estate encounter. To arrange your visit to Central Park Tower, send an email to [email protected] or channel your inquiries through a more direct route by calling or texting (917) 963-4967. Prepare to be enveloped by an atmosphere where the sumptuous lifestyle isn’t just presented; it’s promised.


What is the Central Park Tower penthouse?

The Central Park Tower penthouse is an ultra-luxury residence at the top of the Central Park Tower, located at 217 West 57th Street. It offers a triplex of expansive space and amenities with stunning 360-degree views of New York City’s Central Park and the skyline.

Who developed Central Park Tower?

Extell Development Company is the real estate developer behind Central Park Tower, which is often referred to as the crown jewel of Manhattan due to its pinnacle of luxury and impressive stature.

Can you describe the view from the tower?

The Central Park Tower boasts immersive 360-degree views from New York City’s sky, capturing breathtaking panoramic views of the skyline, with vistas stretching out from Central Park to the Hudson and East Rivers and beyond.

Who designed Central Park Tower?

The grandeur design of the Central Park Tower was created by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, known for their innovative architectural approaches and high-profile projects.

Where is Central Park Tower located?

Central Park Tower is located in Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row and has become a new global icon on the New York City skyline, specifically situated at 217 West 57th Street.

What kind of living experience do the Central Park Tower penthouses offer?

The Central Park Tower penthouses provide a tribute to luxury and elegance, offering a vertical mansion experience with pioneering heights in residential living and opulent amenities.

How are the interiors of Central Park Tower designed?

The interiors at Central Park Tower are refined and modern, defined by Rottet Studios’ signature interior design. They feature elevated comforts amidst high-class surroundings with meticulous attention to detail.

What amenities are available at Central Park Club?

The Central Park Club at Central Park Tower offers exclusive amenities such as a private restaurant and bar, wellness facilities, luxury pools, and spa services for the ultimate indulgent experience at home.

What makes the views from Central Park Tower so special?

The views from Central Park Tower are a blend of urban elegance and the natural beauty of Central Park, with the highest residential terrace offering a unique perspective to witness the changing seasons.

Have there been any record-setting sales at Central Park Tower?

Yes, Central Park Tower has experienced historic sales with record-setting asks, including headlining listings such as a quarter-billion-dollar penthouse, reflecting the dynamism of ultra-luxury New York real estate.

What architectural features does the Central Park Tower penthouse boast?

The architectural marvel of the Central Park Tower penthouse includes a synergy of form and functionality for sky-high living, with a legacy of being part of the world’s tallest and most extraordinary residential buildings.

Is there a ballroom in the Central Park Tower penthouse?

Yes, the Central Park Tower penthouse features the world’s highest private ballroom offering grand entertainment in the sky that can host large events with dramatic cityscape backdrops.

How accessible is Central Park from the tower?

Central Park Tower’s impeccable location is just moments from Central Park, combining prime Manhattan positioning with easy accessibility to one of the city’s most iconic and beloved green spaces.

What sets Extell Development’s condo collection apart?

Extell Development’s exclusive collection of condos is characterized by luxury, exclusivity, and design. Each residence offers a peerless living experience with world-class amenities and spectacular views.

How can I book a private tour of the Central Park Tower penthouse?

To witness the sumptuous lifestyle that Central Park Tower penthouse offers, interested individuals can book a private tour by contacting [email protected] or by calling or texting (917) 963-4967 for an exclusive viewing arrangement.

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