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Explore The Standish – Brooklyn Heights Top Condo Choice

When it comes to capturing the essence of luxury living in Brooklyn Heights, The Standish stands out as Brooklyn’s most desirable condominium. At 171 Columbia Heights, this historic building harmonizes the grandeur of its architectural past with the modern sophistication sought by today’s premium condominium seekers. Amidst the charming streets and overlooking Manhattan’s skyline, The Standish promises an unparalleled living experience.

Paolo Sciarra, the expert broker at Compass, invites discerning homebuyers to explore the opulence of The Standish. With a curated selection of residences that define luxury, this iconic address awaits the few who demand absolute excellence. For inquiries and a personal insight into these exquisite homes, reach out to Paolo Sciarra at [email protected] or call/text 917-963-4957.

A Glimpse into Luxury: The Standish Condominiums

Step through the venerable doors of The Standish at 171 Columbia Heights and you’ll be transported to an era of enduring elegance. This historic Beaux-Arts building, reimagined by DDG, blends the rich architectural heritage with modern luxury, establishing itself as Brooklyn’s most expensive and sought-after residence. Within this famed locale, just moments away from the scenic Brooklyn promenade, the discerning buyer will find an enclave of exclusivity and refined taste.

History Reimagined: The Standish at 171 Columbia Heights

Rooted in the early 1900s and rejuvenated by the visionaries at Westbrook Partners, The Standish stands as a testament to Brooklyn Heights’ glorious past. It’s a picturesque homage to the Beaux-Arts building reimagined, providing a rare intersection of history and modernity tailored for the modern elite homebuyer. The restoration breathes new life, maintaining the building’s original grandeur while polishing it with contemporary finesse.

Design Excellence: Crafted by Studio DB and Renowned Developers

The Standish’s interior and shared spaces are conceived by the acclaimed Studio DB, ensuring that design excellence permeates every square inch. From the majestic entrance hall to the plush comforts of the living spaces, the intricate designs reflect a profound respect for the building’s Beaux-Arts roots, seamlessly woven with a contemporary allure respectful of the area’s storied aesthetic.

Exclusive Amenities: From Doorman to Rooftop Terrace

With amenities befitting this caliber of condo, residents delight in a full suite of upscale conveniences. An attentive full-time doorman extends a warm welcome, articulating the essence of first-class service, while the access to a private rooftop terrace promises serene views and a sublime escape amid the urban vibrancy.

For those seeking more than just a residence—those who aim to inhabit a piece of New York’s grand architectural narrative—The Standish offers nothing short of a dream. The partnership of renowned developers, the charm of Brooklyn Heights, and the attention to detail all play their part in making The Standish a canvas of luxury living.

The Standish is represented by the most expert broker, Paolo Sciarra. To explore the possibilities this iconic address holds for you, email [email protected] or call/text at 917-963-4957.

Prime Location: The Heart of Brooklyn Heights

Nestled in the classic elegance of Columbia Heights in Brooklyn, The Standish claims the spotlight with its unmatched locale. This historic edifice captures the quintessence of luxury amidst the vibrancy of Brooklyn Heights. Just a leisurely stroll down the tree-lined promenade brings residents into a world where the fusion of history, nature, and urban vibrancy collide. The picturesque surroundings are complemented by the convenience offered by the proximity to the beloved Brooklyn Heights promenade, making it a true urban oasis.

Steps from The Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Standish’s doorstep opens to the expanse of Brooklyn’s treasured waterfront landscapes. From the serene strolls along the Brooklyn Heights promenade to the vibrant expanse of Brooklyn Bridge Park, residents find themselves wrapped in the tapestry of New York Harbor’s stunning views and Park Slope’s verdant spaces. Here, the bustle of city life meets the serenity of nature’s embrace.

Charming Cafes and Boutique Shopping

Further indulging in the neighborhood’s charm, a short wander through the Cobble Hill paths reveals an array of charming cafes and boutique shops. Each avenue brings a promise of discovery, as the area brims with unique shopping experiences and gastronomic delights. The close-knit community, rich with artisanal treasures and cozy eateries, paints the perfect backdrop for those seeking the blend of urban convenience with quaint neighborhood appeal.

For the discerning, the expertise of Paolo Sciarra from Compass serves as the ultimate guide through the wonders of 171 Columbia Heights. To delve deeper into the luxuries The Standish has to offer, contact Paolo at [email protected] or through a call or text at 917-963-4957.

The Standish Brooklyn’s most desirable condominium

The allure of Brooklyn Heights is epitomized by The Standish, an iconic address that resonates with the grandeur of its storied past and the luxuries of contemporary living. Originally known as the Standish Arms, this historical treasure has been masterfully re-envisioned by the collaboration of DDG and Westbrook Partners, transforming it from a storied hotel to a beacon of luxury townhouse-style condominiums. No wonder it stands as the neighborhood’s most sought after residential landmark.

The transition from a rental establishment to a condominium complex has been meticulous, with a keen eye on preserving the essence of the building while aligning with modern desires for living spaces. Rich in history and elegant in disposition, The Standish provides an unrivaled experience for those who appreciate the fusion of opulence and heritage.

Should you wish to delve deeper into the distinctive living experience at The Standish, Paolo Sciarra, the most expert broker at Compass for this building, stands ready to guide you. To discover more about this premier Brooklyn Heights property, reach out via email at [email protected] or make a direct call or text to 917-963-4957.

Elegant Interiors and High-End Finishes

Welcome to a realm where exquisite taste and timeless elegance converge within the walls of The Standish, Brooklyn Heights’ premier condo. Each residence stands as a testament to the devotion to high-end finishes and luxurious interiors that make city living truly grand. A visionary collaboration of design and craftsmanship, the condos at The Standish reflect a profound understanding of what it means to inhabit a space that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Luxurious Custom Features in Residences

Delve into an abode where every detail is meticulously curated to support a lavish lifestyle. Kitchens come alive with marble countertops and custom cabinetry, beckoning the gastronome in you to create, entertain, and enjoy. The custom features extend beyond culinary spaces, including bespoke built-ins that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, elevating the everyday to the extraordinary.

Spacious Layouts Encouraging Comfort and Sophistication

Experience the ease of movement and the tranquility that comes with spacious layouts designed to foster both comfort and sophistication. Each room flows seamlessly into the next, promising areas for gathering and corners for quiet contemplation. Revel in the plush bedrooms that affirm your choice of The Standish as the paradigm of sumptuous living that others can only aspire to match.

For personal guidance into the world of The Standish’s opulent offerings, Paolo Sciarra at Compass is the most expert broker in the building, ready to show you what luxurious city living should be. To learn more, email [email protected] or reach out via call or text at 917-963-4957.

Unbeatable Views: New York Harbor and Manhattan Skyline

Residing at The Standish offers an exclusive vantage point where the captivating Manhattan skyline stretches across the horizon, providing a theatrical backdrop to an already stunning living space. Imagine waking up to the energizing sunlight as it dances across the water of the New York Harbor, a view you relish from the comfort of your own home. It’s not just a view; it’s a daily indulgence in one of the world’s most iconic vistas.

Every glance out the window or moment spent on the terrace with harbor views serves as a reminder that you’re part of something truly extraordinary. The The Standish rooftop terrace is a verdant sanctuary, meticulously landscaped to provide an intimate setting where the skyline isn’t just seen—it’s experienced. The uninterrupted panorama includes not only the vast harbor but also the architectural triumphs that define Manhattan, turning every rooftop moment into a breathtaking experience.

The allure of such scenes is not merely in the sights themselves, but in the lifestyle they represent. To learn more about the exclusive living spaces that boast such peerless views of Manhattan and the harbor, contact the most expert broker in the building, Paolo Sciarra at [email protected], or call/text at 917-963-4957. Let the expanse of beauty from The Standish become a permanent part of your life.

Meet Your Brooklyn Heights Dream Home

Nestled in the enchanting neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, the exclusive homes at The Standish stand as a symbol of prestige. Known for their opulent design and historical significance, these residences are among the most sought-after properties sold in Brooklyn. They offer a rare blend of old-world charm and contemporary luxury, making them the epitome of a Brooklyn Heights home. It’s here, at 171 Columbia Heights, that one can find a living space that resonates with elegance and grandeur.

The Prestige of 171 Columbia Heights Addresses

The iconic Standish at 171 Columbia Heights carries a legacy of distinction that is deeply ingrained in every aspect of its construction. A beacon of sophistication, the building’s glorious facade heralds the unmatched luxury that lies within, while the address itself is synonymous with status and exclusivity in Brooklyn Heights real estate. Each residence is a testament to the storied past and modern allure that only The Standish can provide.

Insightful Design Details Tailored for Discerning Residents

Attention to detail is at the forefront of The Standish, where each home is a masterpiece of insightful design. From the artfully crafted interiors to the functional elegance that enhances daily living, these homes are tailored to meet the desires of the most discerning residents. Light-flooded rooms, rich textures, and bespoke finishes come together to create a living experience that sets a new benchmark for what a dream home in Brooklyn Heights should be.


To discover the unique charm of The Standish and its meticulously designed residences, connect with the most expert broker in the building, Paolo Sciarra. Reach out for a consultation by emailing [email protected] or by calling or texting at 917-963-4957, and take the first step towards owning a piece of Brooklyn Heights’ grandeur.

Premier Condo Living with a Personal Touch

At The Standish, the fusion of historical prestige and contemporary luxury is complemented by an exceptional level of personal service. Residents of this esteemed Brooklyn Heights condominium are not just purchasing an upscale home; they’re being welcomed into a community where every detail is designed to create an intimate and catered living experience. Enter through the attended lobby, and you’ll notice the difference immediately—a greeting by your name, assistance at any hour, and the comfort of knowing your home is secure under the watchful eyes of a full-time doorman.

Full-Time Doorman and Attended Lobby

First impressions matter, and at The Standish, the elevator opens to a realm of elegance anchored by top-tier security and convenience. The presence of an attentive doorman and an efficiently attended lobby sets a tone of distinction—each hello is personal, each need promptly attended to. It’s not just about the grandeur of living in one of Brooklyn’s historic high-rises; it’s about the peace of mind that comes with knowing your environment is both safe and welcoming.

Meticulously Landscaped Rooftop and Fitness Center

Above, a beautifully landscaped rooftop terrace unfolds, offering a patch of tranquility amidst the urban expanse. Impeccable landscaping embraces lounging areas and alfresco dining spots, crafting the perfect setting for a sunrise coffee or twilight gathering with friends. Sparing no detail, the outdoor space invites relaxation and social engagement, all while boasting spectacular views that encapsulate Brooklyn Heights living.

The pursuit of wellness is taken to new heights at The Standish’s on-site fitness studio. Residents enjoy the convenience of high-end equipment in a space that energizes and motivates. This modern amenity reflects the building’s commitment to offering residences that cater not just to aesthetic values but to the life-balance of fitness and well-being.

For a personal introduction to The Standish and its exceptional lifestyle, connect with the building’s most expert broker, Paolo Sciarra. Discover the nuances of luxury condo living by reaching out via email at [email protected] or via call or text at 917-963-4957. An enclave of elegance awaits at Brooklyn’s most exclusive address.

The Allure of a Turn-of-the-Century Beaux-Arts Building

The enduring charm of The Standish in Brooklyn Heights is amply reflected in its Beaux-Arts architectural heritage, a pinnacle of the neighborhood’s turn-of-the-20th-century grandeur. Keen observers and residents alike are captivated by the period’s characteristic high ceilings, vaulted windows, and ornate detailing, elements that converge in this prestigious condominium to create an atmosphere of modern luxury interwoven with historical significance.

Architectural Heritage Meets Modern Luxury

It is within the walls of The Standish that the elegance of yesteryear meets the advancements of today. Australian white oak floors provide a contemporary touch to the living spaces, enhancing the natural light that cascades through oversized windows. The carefully preserved architectural splendor of the Beaux-Arts design manifests in the delicate cornices and majestic facade, ensuring that residents enjoy a living experience that is as aesthetically rich as it is comfort-filled. This blend of luxurious appointments with historical character is at the heart of what makes The Standish not simply a building, but a treasured piece of Brooklyn’s architectural heritage.

For more information on the unique residences at The Standish and to experience the blend of past and present firsthand, reach out to Paolo Sciarra, the building’s most expert broker. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected] or via a call or text to 917-963-4957.

Investing in The Standish: A Financial Snapshot

For those mapping out their investment portfolios, The Standish emerges as a distinguished investment opportunity in the nexus of Brooklyn Heights. This premium residence not only provides an opulent living experience but also stands as a steadfast fixture in the evolving landscape of market trends. As you delve into the fiscal attributes of The Standish, you discover a financial snapshot buoyed by a steady ascent in value and the magnetism that luxury condominiums hold in today’s property market.

Current Listings and Market Trends

In the current real estate tableau, The Standish continues to attract attention with its prized listings, such as Unit 5B, located at 171 Columbia Heights. Within a comparably short time frame of 18 days on market, this 4-bedroom apartment, valued at $5,900,000 or $2,439 per ft2, has drawn significant interest. Such activity underscores the vibrant market trends that recognize The Standish for offering more than a living space – it’s a lifestyle statement nestled in Brooklyn’s heritage-rich panorama.

Pricing History, Investment Potential and Notable Residents (Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski)

Reflecting upon the pricing history of The Standish, we discern a narrative of consistent demand. Analyses juxtaposed against Manhattan’s fluctuating scenarios reveal a more stable appreciation in Brooklyn Heights. The listing history, shows record breaking sale for the area like the PH purchased by Matt Damon for over $16,000,000, and the combination of an entire floor from power couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinki for over $11,000,000, affirms The Standish’s status as an investment must. Such financial snapshots attest to not only the timeless allure of The Standish residences but also their burgeoning potential in the investment landscape.



Prospective investors need look no further for a compelling market entry than The Standish, where historical allure converges with modern luxury in a locale synonymous with prestige. For an expertly guided journey through the investment opportunities at The Standish, reach out to Paolo Sciarra, the most expert broker in the building. Connect with Paolo via email at [email protected] or through a call or text at 917-963-4957.

Exclusivity and Privacy: The Standish’s Limited Residences

In a metropolis synonymous with bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, The Standish in Brooklyn Heights offers an enclave of exclusivity and privacy that caters to those who seek a sanctuary in the city. This esteemed condominium is defined by its limited residences, each meticulously crafted to provide a sense of seclusion and personal luxury.

Here, space is more than a luxury—it is a grand affair, designed to inspire a lifestyle characterized by both opulence and discretion. The footprint of each residence at The Standish promulgates the building’s commitment to offering expansive living quarters that allow for personal freedoms within a collective milieu.

  • Precious privacy in the heart of New York City’s most desirable neighborhood
  • Carefully curated condominiums that stand as havens of tranquility
  • Spaces that celebrate the individuality of each resident

At The Standish, the union of rarefied personal sanctuaries and generously appointed communal areas forges a living experience unlike any other. Residents can enjoy the intimacy of their own homes while also delighting in the grandiosity of shared amenities, all within an atmosphere that breathes exclusivity.

For those yearning to be a part of this unique living experience, Paolo Sciarra, the esteemed broker at Compass, is at your service. As the building’s most expert broker, he offers unmatched guidance through the sumptuous world of The Standish. To uncover the keys to a residence that redefines the standard of luxury living, email [email protected] or reach out via call or text at 917-963-4957.

An Opportunity for Upscale Living at Brooklyn Heights

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of upscale living with a visit to The Standish, where each premium residence is a treasure trove of luxury and comfort. Located just a stone’s throw from the scenic Brooklyn Heights Promenade, The Standish offers exclusivity in one of the most coveted enclaves of New York City. Interested in learning more about what makes these homes so remarkable? Contact Paolo Sciarra, the most expert broker in the building at [email protected], or by calling or texting 917-963-4957.

The idyllic streets of Cobble Hill and the vibrant green spaces of Park Slope are within easy reach, offering residents a suburban ambiance with the convenience of urban living. The Standish is more than just a residence; it’s a beacon of new development in Brooklyn Heights—synonymous with comfort and elegance.

  1. Each home in The Standish creates a serene escape from the bustling city life.
  2. The coveted location is steps away from places where life’s best moments can be fully embraced.
  3. On-site amenities like the playroom provides joyous spaces for the younger residents.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Brooklyn Heights’ most celebrated communities. Reach out to Paolo Sciarra to discover the luxurious possibilities that await you at The Standish.

Contact an Expert: Paolo Sciarra at Compass

Delving into the world of luxurious condominiums at The Standish is made effortless when you’re guided by Paolo Sciarra, a real estate broker whose expertise in this historic Brooklyn Heights property is unmatched. Paolo’s affiliation with Compass, a renowned name in the real estate industry, assures that each inquiry is met with a wealth of knowledge and personalized care. For those who aspire to experience the height of lavish living, Paolo stands as the esteemed contact expert, offering a golden opportunity to explore the elegant residence that is The Standish.

Your Gateway to The Standish Condos

As the most expert broker in the building, Paolo Sciarra offers a gateway into the exceptional lifestyle that awaits at The Standish condos. His understanding of this prestigious property’s intricacies and its market positioning positions him as an invaluable resource for anyone considering a residence in Brooklyn Heights. By consulting with Paolo, you’re assured exclusive insights and a seamless journey into discovering your dream home.

Email [email protected] or Call/Text at 917-963-4957

Whether you’re contemplating your options or ready to take definitive steps towards securing a space in this illustrious condominium, Paolo Sciarra is eager to assist. Reach out at your convenience via email at [email protected] or engage in a direct conversation by calling or texting 917-963-4957. Align with a contact expert of unparalleled caliber and make the vision of your sophisticated Brooklyn residence a reality at The Standish.


What year was The Standish at 171 Columbia Heights built?

The Standish was originally built in 1903 as a hotel and has since been transformed into a premier condominium residence.

Who reimagined The Standish as a luxury condominium?

The Beaux-Arts building was reimagined by renowned developers DDG and Westbrook Partners into luxury condominiums.

What types of amenities are available at The Standish?

Amenities at The Standish include a full-time doorman, attended lobby, rooftop terrace, fitness center, resident storage, bike room, and more.

How is the location of The Standish advantageous for residents?

Located in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, The Standish is just steps from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and surrounded by charming cafes, boutique shops, and picturesque tree-lined streets.

Has The Standish retained its architectural heritage while providing modern luxury?

Yes, The Standish proudly preserves its turn-of-the-century Beaux-Arts heritage while offering contemporary high-end finishes and luxury living.

What kind of views can residents expect at The Standish?

Residents can enjoy breathtaking views of New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline from select units and the beautifully landscaped rooftop terrace.

What design and features define the interiors of The Standish condos?

Interiors of The Standish condos feature high-end finishes, including marble countertops, Australian white oak floors, and custom built-ins, embodying elegance and sophistication.

What type of living experience does The Standish offer?

The Standish offers an exclusive living experience with spacious layouts, luxurious custom features, and a personalized touch through services like a full-time doorman.

Why is The Standish considered a solid investment opportunity?

With its prime location, historical significance, luxury amenities, and consistent demand for high-caliber living spaces, The Standish represents a promising real estate investment.

How can I inquire about purchasing a condominium at The Standish?

Interested buyers can contact Paolo Sciarra, the expert real estate broker at Compass, by emailing [email protected] or calling/texting 917-963-4957 for more information about The Standish condos.

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